Fishing club Sanyukai

The Sanyukai is the kakari style fishing club specialized in the black sea bream.
Our home ground is Yamamoto chartered fishing boat located in Shimizu harbor, Shizuoka, Japan.

The Sanyukai is established by Yucho Shimizu and the chairman has been passed onto Tamotsu Hara.
At present, Tamotsu Aoki is our 3rd chairman,
We participate in all sorts of tournaments and work out as wide activity.

Jan 21, 2015


The first competition I entered this year was the GDCC competition which was held in Shizuoka prefecture, on Jan 10th and it was a very warm and calm morning.

This GDCC competition has 3 games in a year.and in every game, the participants competes for the total points possessed. The points are divided in 3 categories; the total weight, the quantity and the size of the black sea bream caught. 

In this competition, I came in the second place and the winner went to Mr. Kurokawa, from our fishing club and Mr. Shimazaki, also from our fishing club came in the third place.  Luckily the top three winners was from our fishing club, the Sanyukai!! Those two will be my greatest rivals!
This photo is the biggest size of the black sea breams which Mr. Kurokawa and Mr. Shimazaki has caught.
Unfortunately, I was not able to catch the black sea bream so big as they have caught and I was very envious....

Jan 9, 2015


My first fishing this year, was on Jan 4th and 5th with our chairman, Mr. Aoki. The weather on 4th was cloudy and freezing cold morning, that the boat was also frozen!
This cold day, the fishes were not active and we were able to fish only 3 black sea breams in total.

On the second day, Jan 5th, we had a very warm morning and the sunrise and Mt. Fuji welcomed us.  As shown on this photo, the birds (the bird name unknown) seemed to say "Good morning" to us.

On Jan 5th, with the warm day on our side, we were able to catch 11 black sea breams in total, however, I have forgotten to take the rest of the photos of the fishes other than those two above.  I guess we had a good start of the year 2015.

The first tournament of 2015 will be held this weekend and I will entry for this tournament.. I hope to end up with good result but let's see---------------?